Music: Junior Senior

“Can I Get Get Get”

When Danish imports Junior Senior wanted to make a new video for their single “Can I Get Get Get,” the first single from their upcoming 2-CD set Hey Hey My My Yo Yo, the retrochic duo turned to their comrades for a little help—and to “get get” to know them better.

Fans from all over the world submitted performance footage for the song, a duet between Jeppe “Senior” Breum Larsen and Le Tigre’s JD Samson. In the video, devoted JS followers jaunt along while playing b-ball, riding rollercoasters, and even crossing from the London Bridge. Peaches makes her own cameo on rollerskates while Samson sings from the Williamsburg Bridge in NYC.

Larsen’s own mother helped out with some of the shots in California desert locales. He says, “It’s a gathering from around the world and it’s showing the sweet individual side of people rather than some styled, fabricated music video. It’s very feel good and embracing in its way.”

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