Mobile-Based Gay TV Network Launches

Logo and HERE! have some competition

Until now, the only gay-friendly TV networks were Logo and HERE! (and, you may argue, Bravo). Now, Gay TV On The Go has launched, and it’s providing competition for the established networks with real LGBT content as the others move toward fluff like Teen Mom reruns.

Unlike those networks, Gay TV On The Go creates web-based original programming, created for mobile users. In addition to its national station, the network has launched five regional stations in gay hotspots Chicago, NYC, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Miami.

But while Gay TV On The Go claims it wants “to provide viewers with a window into the real lives, real issues and real communities for LGBTQ individuals throughout the country,” none of its shows (thus far) are targeted towards the lesbian community. And while it’s impossible for any network, let alone a start-up, to accurately represent every subculture within a specific demographic (see BET, TV One, Concentric or Telemundo for cases in point), it would be nice if it made every effort to be inclusive of the whole spectrum of the community.

The network is still in its infancy—it did only launch in mid-January, after all—and hasn’t had much time to develop quality programming that reflects the lesbian community. It may be better to have no lesbian program compared to than one that mocks or trivializes lesbians. No sense in having a lesbian version of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, after all. (Wait, that might be funny!)

Will Gay TV On The Go takes its programming to the next frontier? Let’s give them the benefit of the doubt and support an outlet that’s trying to represent the interests of the LGBT community in a positive way. We can certainly use it.

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