100 Women We Love 2016

Here’s to this year's class of the women who inspire us, give us hope, make us laugh and make us want to get up and dance. 


Claudette Duff is a clinical social worker who lives in Staten Island, NY and is the founder and director of Integrity Senior Services (ISS), an agency that provides in-home mental health counseling and auxiliary services to seniors, the disabled, caregivers and their families throughout NYC and its outer counties. She founded ISS on the principle that everyone has a right to quality mental health care. A native of Jamaica who was raised in Brooklyn, Duff has worked with older adults in mental health programs, long-term care facilities and in private practice as a counselor, therapist, clinical supervisor, consultant and administrator for decades. She’s been practicing in the mental health field since 1980. After graduating from Brooklyn College, Duff acquired an advanced degree in art therapy from Pratt Institute, and later pursued an MSW at New York University. She’s served on numerous boards and committees related to community health care and aging advocacy, and is also a board member of the Pride Center of Staten Island. Her work promotes a safe and welcoming place for the Staten Island gay and lesbian community. “Be yourself at all times,” she advises LGBTQ people like herself, “and be proud of who you are!” –SLO

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