100 Women We Love: Class of 2009

Once again, we celebrate our favorite out and proud women. As difficult as it is to narrow it down to just 100, this year’s eclectic list includes artists, athletes, club promoters, community organizers, entertainers, entrepreneurs, filmmakers, politicians and plaintiffs, who are making a difference in our world and the world at large.

Robin Cloud

Comedian Robin Cloud is best known for her clever, inventive characters. One of her signature creations, Jerri Beige, is a retired New York City bus driver who continues to travel the city giving unsolicited advice. Cloud says, “She’s sort of a nod to all the old lesbians I’ve met in Brooklyn over the years and also a small glimpse into what I imagine my older self to be: a trash talking senior citizen.” A sharp and witty cultural observer, Cloud also performs stand-up at clubs throughout New York City, and hosts her own show, The Triple Minority Report, at Comix. “My favorite moment is when I come out after a show and people don’t know it was me,” Cloud says of her character work. “I would like people to see the crazies in the world and maybe take a minute to just say good morning to the guy, smiling, eating a cheeseburger out of a garbage can with a bunny in his pocket. He could be a real inspiration.” -CB

Remember, these are in no particular order because we love them all!

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