Today you can find Chef Angela Lowe at events, cooking for clients, and as the host of a new web series. In addition she has cooked at the New York City Wine & Food Festival, The New York Vegetarian Festival and The Culinary Collective pop-up dinner series, but she didn’t follow a straight path to get to this point. Even though she started cooking as a child when she first learned from her grandma, her professional life hasn’t always been in the kitchen.

Lowe skipped college and focused on becoming an entrepreneur. She moved to New York from Minnesota and promptly started her first business. Her team of personal trainers and health food experts worked with executives and music moguls such as Sean Combs, Total, 112, Angie Stone, and Touré from MSNBC. Lowe cooked for many of these clients at their homes.

Never one to rest on previous successes, Lowe will continue the Culinary Collective pop-up dinners and produce innovative plant-based events at various locations throughout New York City. She plans to expand her audience by launching a YouTube channel that focuses on food, travel, and culture. She is also working to produce a TV show. She says that she plans, “To spend the foreseeable future working on this show, organizing select events, writing a book, and traveling,” and she’s in the process of launching a food product business.