Going Green With Chef Angela Lowe

Vegan grill faves that will please crowds and leave even meat eaters salivating. 

Contrary to what might be thought about vegans and summer barbeques, we like to get it in just like everybody else—just sans the meat. Here are some of my favorite things to grill that will please crowds and leave even meat eaters salivating. Slap these morsels on the fire, have some sangria, light a tiki torch and enjoy the season in style. 
Peaches are amazing in the summer as they are, but slice them up, add a bit of sea salt and fall in love on a whole new level. Pair with a bit of basil and some cashew brie and you have a full on side dish that everyone will love. 
Not just portobellos! It seems vegans are always given wonderful portobellos, but all mushroom variations, grilled with a bit of salt, are mouth-wateringly delicious. Couple with some leafy greens and make a salad that is to die for. Or just mix mush-rooms with a bit of lemon and herbs and call it a day. 
Everyone grills corn, but add a bit of vegan parm and a dash of lime juice and you have reached a whole new level of delicious. An alternative is a bit of curry powder and vegan butter, yum!
Burgers and hot dogs:
Gone are the days of plant-based hot dogs and burgers that taste like cardboard. Nowadays, one can get beautiful artisan prod-ucts that taste divine. Upton’s makes great sausages, and Gardein, Field Roast and Beyond Meat all have fantastic prod-ucts. Add slices of Chao vegan cheddar cheese and you are good to go. 
Grilling pizza is absolutely delicious. Buy some ready-made dough, top with whatever looks the freshest at the farmer’s mar-ket, and you have taken your backyard or rooftop BBQ to a gourmet level.
A bit of olive oil, ricotta and pine nuts. Enough said. 
Brussels sprouts and baby bok choy: 
Toss these up with a little balsamic and salt and pepper. Char the sprouts until they are crisp and people will not miss the meat. Done and done. 
With just a touch of salt and a little vegan parm, this dish is a classic that still holds its weight in the veggie arena.
Pretty much the rule of thumb here is in the summer, everything tastes better on the grill. Tomatoes, even romaine lettuce! So grab some of the freshest veggies you can find and have at it. Have a few drinks for me, too, or better yet invite me. I promise to hold down the grill.

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