PSA: There Is A New Queer Girl Dating App Called Zoe!

We’ve already started swiping!

Zoe is the newest lesbian, bisexual and queer women dating app to hit the online dating market. As a self-proclaimed dating app expert, my ass downloaded Zoe immediately.

In order to make an account, you have to verify that you are a woman. (Not really sure what constitutes that, but OK). I had to make our managing editor Corinne Kai take this embarrassing ass photo of me:

Hot, right? If that cheesy early 2000s Myspace pose doesn’t lure the ladies in, I’m not sure what will. Also I desperately need to spray tan my hand to match my face and chest.

Anyway, once I verified that I was of the woman variety, the set-up is pretty much like Tinder and Bumble. Pick some hot photos. Write a quippy little bio about yourself. Start swiping. Boom. In between swiping, Zoe asks you questions about yourself to get a better understanding of your traits so she can better match you with queer babes.

Yes, Zoe is a personality, not just an app. Think of her as the lesbian version of Siri or Alexa. There is also a “Personality Check” that you can fill out — it asks if you are optimistic or pessimistic, idealist or materialist, on time or always late, etc. Zoe also offers a questionnaire of very specific questions to better suit you to a sapphic match.

When swiping, I realized it was most of the usual suspects I’ve seen on Bumble, Tinder, Her, and OkCupid. I will keep the Zoe app because I’m the queen of dating apps, and I look forward to seeing how she’ll set herself apart from the rest. Have you downloaded Zoe? Let us know in the comments!

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