Women We Love 2022: Kazi Thomas

Kazi Thomas

by Kazmira A. Thomas

Kazi Thomas tried to avoid a career in education. She’d volunteer at summer programs, and as a soccer coach, but when it came to her professional life, she’d gravitated toward office jobs. However, it was only a matter of time before she realized her true calling. Now, an Instructional Coach at the Greater Oaks Charter School in her hometown of Bridgeport, Conn., she finds that being an educator “has even more rewards as I get to work with students … volunteers, and teachers to create a strong community that focuses on not just academics, but students’ emotional growth,” she tells GO. “Being able to see kids grow into their own being, grow more confident in who they are as people and leaders, and seeing them get involved and empowering others is the best part of my work.” Thomas began her educational career in Brooklyn, where she taught 5th and 6th graders before returning to Bridgeport during the pandemic. She then received her Interim Administration Certification and served as the Dean of School Culture and Science at Greater Oaks before moving into her current position. As an educator who serves mostly Black and Brown students, her own identity as a queer Black woman is integral to her success, and also leads to some of the most rewarding aspects of her job. “Seeing my Black students and students of color make life decisions like where to work, what trades they want to pursue, and what college they want to attend, and being able to support them as they go off into the world is incredible,” she says. “It’s incredibly rewarding when students share their accomplishments and journeys, and to be excited with them.” –RK

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