Women We Love 2022: Erin Parisi

Erin Parisi

by Tahvory Bunting

“The mountains have always been my jam,” Erin Parisi tells GO. “They contain all of the elements for an incredible workout, a simple day of meditation, an escape from reality, or a life-changing experience.” Parisi is on a quest to reach all Seven Summits, the highest mountains on each of the seven continents. When she completes her mission, she’ll be the first known trans woman to accomplish such a feat. An experienced climber, backcountry skier, and mountain biker, Parisi always felt most at home in the outdoors before she transitioned. She feared she’d lose the same access afforded to her pre-transition, but instead of letting fear hold her back, she’s become a trailblazer. Now, she embraces her identity loudly and proudly—from the top of the world. Parisi is also the Founder of TranSending, a non- profit organization dedicated to the advancement of transgender rights and inclusion in outdoor recreation. “Being a queer woman traveling around the world requires entering countries where women’s rights aren’t yet supported, and where being LGBTQ is against the law,” Parisi says. “Knowing that it’s illegal to be queer in Tanzania, or show a rainbow flag in Russia, makes me adamant that such acts of rebel- lion are necessary to keep the conversation and my rights moving forward.” In addition to reaching the top of all Seven Summits, Parisi hopes to continue advocating for trans folks, supporting trans adventurers, and sharing stories of trans joy in the out- doors. She says, “I hope to tell the joyous truth about life after transition.” –LC

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