Women We Love 2022: Daryn Carp

Photo by courtesy of Daryn Carp

Daryn Carp

“I can almost pinpoint the exact moment where I knew I wanted to be in television: I was seven years old,” reality TV and podcast host Daryn Carp tells GO. “I would come home from school and watch TV and I would always gravitate toward game shows. I loved guessing along with the audience and laughing at the silly jokes. It always seemed that, win or lose, people could walk away from a game show feeling happy.” Although she might not host game shows, Carp is very much a fixture on the television landscape. She launched her career at the Bravo network, first as the creator and host of the web series Ask Andy with Andy Cohen (the pair would go on to form the production company, Most Talkative, in 2014), and then as host of the series Throwback Bravo, Cease and Assist, and Bravo Pregame. She currently hosts the daily interview show Reality Check on People TV and the podcast Shaken and Disturbed, which delves into true crime, another of Carp’s passions. The most rewarding part of her work? The personal connections she makes. “Reaching across the aisle to someone who I had no prior relationship with and [being] given the chance to dig deep into who they are as people is so special to me,” Carp says. “I learn a lot from other people, and seeing how they think.” Plus, as she learned from watching game shows, “I knew that I wanted to be in front of a camera and bring a little escapism and a little joy to everyone.” –AB

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