Weekly Horoscopes For Queer Women: Magical Lunar Eclipse

This full moon is also a lunar eclipse.

Weekly Horoscopes For Queer Women: Magical Lunar Eclipse
January 29, 2018

It’s the Blue Full Moon? What does that mean? All this means is that there are two full moons this month, not that the moon will actually be blue! This happens because there is a mismatch with the lunar calendar and the Georgian calendar. This means that this month of January can feel pretty charged, especially because the moon was full in Cancer and Leo. This is about individuality and community. Whether we’re feeling the callings of both from entanglements we have with our blood family or chosen family, we might feel a bit of a need to break out of a comfort zone right now. This week, think about all the things you avoid because you think that they’re not quite *you* and ask yourself “what am I protecting?”

This full moon is also a lunar eclipse, which means that it is right next to North Node in Leo. You have the capacity and the necessity to make a decision right now — a full conscious decision to change your circumstances completely. Remember that even small moves have a huge butterfly effect. Also, remember that comfort is always created. What is the thing that is keeping you too comfortable? What needs to be removed? What changes will make you a more complete person?

Also, on Wednesday Mercury moves into Aquarius, joining the Sun and Venus. This marks the coldest part of the year, where our energies cool down, our relationships become more objective, and our thoughts are less personal. Aquarius is all about social accountability and detachment. Right now, it might help to plan times to detach yourself so that you don’t exhaust yourself by carrying too much in your love, family, and platonic relationships.

(These horoscopes are more accurate if you look at your rising sign, sun sign, and moon sign! If you don’t know your time of birth, sun and moon signs are fine.)

♈️  Aries ♈️

What does your future look like? Design one for yourself if you feel that you don’t have one! It doesn’t matter if you feel like it’s unlikely to come true – actually, planning for success makes it more likely for you to succeed. An abrupt break might have you making all sorts of changes in your life. Be conscious of them and reshape your life.

♉️  Taurus ♉️

Plan big things and they will happen. You’re a master builder, Taurus, and all that may be stopping you is the lack of a blueprint. Well, this blue moon is the perfect time to make that print. Take charge of your life by making a big decision to go after exactly what you want. Stop holding yourself back by dilly dallying. It’s just a matter of time.

♊️  Gemini ♊️

Avoid social media. You might get in an argument about something that really presses your buttons. It’s more worth your time to have a real conversation with another person that changes your mind about something, rather than making you sink your feet into the ground. Change what needs to be changed, Gemini, and that has to do with what you believe.

♋️  Cancer ♋️

This week will show you just how much you create your own security. How much you are giving to others and how much you are receiving literally creates this security. It’s not about the things you hoard in your room, getting stale and dusty – it’s about what you circulate and who you circulate it with. Get engrossed with someone else.

♌️  Leo ♌️

This week is all about how you shape your relationships. Build a stronger community of friends around you by releasing your ego needs around others. If all your friends only know each other through you and you’re the center of attention anytime they chill, there is less structure for the group to support itself than if there were other links at play.

♍️  Virgo ♍️

Does your work allow you to be creative? That is, make new things in the world? Because creativity is the law of nature, Virgo, and the universe loves to keep making new things, you’re not really living if you’re not creating. If your job is not serving that natural law, then you need to make a decision to change your circumstances.

♎️  Libra ♎️

A friend might challenge your idea of love this week, through some kind of acceptance or rejection. Really, it’s about making your ego less fragile. Do not depend on the energy given to you to paint a picture of who you are. Instead, look at what relationships you’re able to actively build through release of your own energy.

♏️  Scorpio ♏️

You might question your placement in the world this week. Who do you stand for and who do you align yourself with by living your life where you live/how you life it/with whom you live it with? It’s a great week for making some changes where you see fit, especially in regards to where you live. Chances are, things might get a little wonky if you don’t.

♐️  Sagittarius ♐️

This week, you see the impact of what you say and what language system you choose, not necessarily in terms of other people but how you see and believe in the world. It’s a great week to challenge yourself to learn new language to use when talking about the things you want to talk about. Always remember that every language is limited.

♑️  Capricorn ♑️

The way people respond to you will change what you feel like you have this week. This might not be an event per se or anything too noticeable. It’s more of something that affects your subconscious reading of how you give and take in life. Make it a point to call in social credit and take back or give out time, care, and emotional labor owed.

♒️  Aquarius ♒️

Someone else will change you. This week is time to lose yourself in another person. Someone runs into your life and makes you feel things, Aquarius, things you haven’t felt for a long time, whether that’s a crush, anger, or something new. Go with it and don’t over think things. Just hang out for a while and let your heart beat.

♓️  Pisces ♓️

You’re becoming more aware of what your fantasies are actually saying about yourself. Do you fetishize certain forms of power? Do certain forms of miscommunication make you unhealthily interested? This week, it’s time to admit to the positive and negative affects of your repetitive fantasies so that you can morph them into something else.

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