Weekly Horoscopes For Queer Women: You Deserve A Break

The answer is in the stars.

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Things are stable right now, especially in the water signs. The moon is retreating into its new form and Mercury is so close to the Sun in Gemini we can’t see it in the sky.

This week is about slow growth, about letting something go off on its own so that it can just be.

It’s the end of the school year and, before we know it, all the kids we know have grown so much we have to do a double take. Use this week’s finishing energy to finish off anything you’ve dedicated yourself to this entire past year. You’ve done a job — sometimes a good job, sometimes a bad job. Look at what you’ve done in order to appreciate things moving at your own time. The more mistakes you’ve made, the more times you’ve bounced back. The more you bounce back, the bigger your heart grows.

It’s time to read. Take a break between right now and the future by learning something, getting lost in someone else’s world, or returning to a childhood narrative. Reread Harry Potter again. Order that book of poetry you’ve been meaning to find at the library. Pick up a book on a field you’ve never had the opportunity to learn and see the world from a different angle.

Remember also, that the moon phase means you need more sleep now than usual. Prioritize your rest and you’ll be prioritizing yourself.

Read for your rising sign! If you don’t know your rising sign, read your Sun and Moon 🙂


Learn something new. Pick up a book on Javascript, on the economy — on how to write scripts. It doesn’t have to be something you think is worth a lot of energy — just something that you have a curiosity towards and want to absorb a bit. It’s your curiosity that will take you places right now, Aries, so don’t stress out. Just let yourself wonder about what you want to wonder about.


Update your belongings. So much of your world is about who gets to belong and who someone belongs to. Ask yourself these questions now, when you’re able to make sense of the world. You might feel like a migrant in a world where you have no belonging because belonging is such a loaded issue. Relax your hold on some things so that your able to feel things with your hands again.


You’re able to feel every moan and murmur your organs feel this week and react without pressure or emergency. Let yourself just love yourself. Care for your immune system, your veins, and digestive tract — you’ll see all the affects on your skin, hair, and waking life. This love will give you a self worth fighting for in the great beyond of the future. 


Every fantasy reminds you of another version of yourself. Who knows? Maybe somewhere at there, in a parallel world, you’re living as that version and your fantasizing is the only thing that provides a link between these alternate you’s. Your imagination gives you space in the world so sink into it. Write your own science fiction novel and build up a entire world.


All of your passion is social right now and you’re looking for new allies to link arms with. Let other people take the spotlight in the story of your life for a second and see who you are in contrast. You’re working on being the best friend you can be to people and that takes the noticing of how you can feel and meet other people’s needs. This week you’re at your most compassionate.


You’re thinking about your future and how invested you are in creating it. The future is a physical thing — make plans that incorporate the needs of your body into it. Give yourself a moment to take a breather and do nothing for a while so that you can dream of different possibilities. Adjust your sleep cycle so that you are able to wake up and sleep how it is you want. Cut caffeine out of your system for a week.


Read a book of poetry — something that doesn’t quite make sense but contain the words that you need to carry with you right now. You should be reading this week for your heart’s sake, not your brain’s. You should be reading in order to feel yourself being yourself, not escaping into another realm. Choose books that do this for you at this time — something light that makes you feel heavy.


This week is about listening and trust. Do you listen when you’re supposed to listen and do you hear things when you’re not mean to hear? What builds up trust are the small things, the things that no one else pays attention to and the layers of logic it takes to craft a single emotion. Do you trust yourself to feel authentically and the way you are meant to feel? 


Listen to a friend talk about something that matters to them. Let a friend show you a favorite movies that you’ve never seen before or read to you a book that you’ve never heard before. This is just a small way that you can open your ears up to the world. Your willingness to open your heart is a huge step of your healing process and it takes the upmost gentleness to orchestrate.


Listen to your body. It’s trying to tell you something right now. Your mind is relaxed and, being relaxed, allowed to be almost empty. This is the best time to take a look at what your lungs, your stomach. your heart, and your bones want you to do for them. Listen to your liver, your spleen, and what’s between your legs. Respect your form and communicate with yourself.


Write something. Write three pages every morning when you wake up in your journal. Write about the things that you’ve observed this past year. Write about the little things that no one notices and the big things no one also notices. This time to write is here for you to help you heal. The better you are at healing, the better you are at living life to the fullest.


Pick up a book that symbolizes nostalgia to you. Reread the books you read when you were a teenager or a little kid. You’re measuring your emotional height against an imaginary wall where you took your measurements last year and you’ve grown so much. Go backwards a bit and remember who you were before so that you can appreciate who you are right now.

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