Video Of The Day: 15 Irritating Problems Bisexual Girls Face

“I made it with a girl in college once, so I LIKE TOTALLY get this.”

Even in 2017, Biphobia remains a huge issue in the LGBTQ underworld (I guess it shouldn’t be that shocking, considering it’s 2017 and Donald Trump is the freaking President).

Seriously, though—the misconceptions about bisexuals within our so called “community” are not just gross, they’re damaging. My friend broke up with a girl recently because she found out she dates men as well as women. The queer media is freaking out that Kristen Stewart, an out bisexual, recently stated that she’s “open to dating men.” Bisexuals are constantly having to defend themselves and fight for their place in queer culture.

In this video out bisexual Gaby Dunn encounters “15 bisexual girl problems” she faces after bringing her girlfriend to a heteronormative dinner party. Here’s what I have to say, kittens, if she deals with all of these wild misconceptions in the straight world, why do we have to make it so hard on her in our queer bubble? Can’t we just let her live? Shouldn’t we feel inclined to protect our own kind?

After all, we can’t call ourselves the “LGBTQ community” if we’re not supporting all the letters, equally.

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