Video Of The Day: Is My Office Crush A Lesbian?

“She likes Ellen.” “Everyone likes Ellen.”

We’ve all been through the epic nightmare of not knowing if our crush lands anywhere on the queer spectrum, right? The epic agony!

I don’t know if you ladies are anything like me, but when I have a massive, relentless crush on an office crush (maybe a little unprofessional, but you can’t control a crush, babes) I will go to any extreme to figure out which team they play for. I turn into the fiercest lesbian investigator this side of the Mississippi.

Luckily I found this hilarious video from Boldly (formerly Buzzfeed yellow) and truth be told, it made me feel less alone, ladies. Seems I’m not the only dyke who will go to stalkerish, crazy lengths to figure out the object of my affections sexual identity.

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