Video Of The Day: For All The Ladies ‘Who Look Like They Don’t Sleep With Men’

Cameron Esposito is our lesbian guru.

You know when you’re clearly, clearly, clearly CLEARLY trying to look hot for another woman, and a man decides to tell you you’re dressed a little too, uh, butch? 

And you want to scream from the rooftops “BRO, do I LOOK like someone who wants to sleep with men?” Sometimes if it looks like a lesbian, and it talks like a lesbian, and it walks like a lesbian, it’s a lesbian, dudes. So no, you’re “critiquing” of our style isn’t very effective. We know that most men aren’t going drool over our ties and blazers and slacks and shiny shoes and short haircuts. We’re dressing for women, you dumb-dumb. It’s all very calculated.

Well lucky for us, Queen Cameron Esposito (one of our most favorite comics ever) uses her stand-up prowess to set men who tell us we aren’t dressing “attractive enough” STRAIGHT.

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