Video Of The Day: ElloSteph Answers All Your Straight BFFs Questions About Lesbians So You Don’t Have To

For when you don’t want to be everyone’s gay Google all the time.

ElloSteph is one of the best lezzie YouTubers out there. She’s accessible, friendly, informative, and super funny. And since none of us actually want to answer our straight BFFs questions about being gay—she’s done it for us. It can be so tedious to get these questions from strangers but when they come from someone close to you, it can feel like an obligation to respond. Even though you really don’t want to be everyone’s gay Google all the time.

Now you can literally just send your straight friends this link when they start to venture into these uncomfortable questions. Let them know that while you love them and appreciate that they are super curious about your “lifestyle”—you’d just rather not right now. Which is totally okay, babe. You don’t have to do this work constantly. You’re just living your best gay life and sometimes that means pointing people in the right direction when they have questions instead of expending more labor answering the same boring question about scissoring for the 200th time.

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