Video Of The Day: Comedian Judy Gold’s Hilarious Coming Out Story

Judy Gold is a legendary lesbian comedian, and in this video, she shares her hilarious coming out story with all of us.

I don’t know you about you, but I’m obsessed with comedian Judy Gold. She’s a comedic legend, the lesbian of my dreams and the funniest human to ever exist (in my humble opinion). I listen to her podcast, “Kill Me Now” every week of my life and I secretly fantasize that we’re real life friends (shameless and creepy, indeed).

Today I happened to stumble across her hilarious “coming out” story with her mother on youtube. Please watch. You’re welcome, babes.

Oh and follow Ms. Judy Gold. She’s on Instagram. The Twitter. The Facebook. And the world wide web. Her podcast “Kill Me Now” is on iTunes. Once, again, you’re welcome.

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