Video Of The Day: Ruby Rose Proves Nothing Is Sexier Than Going As Yourself

Screw the concept of “beauty standards.”

I’m sure you’ve all seen the notorious Ruby Rose video “Break Free” which boasts over 32 million YouTube views. It’s sexy, it’s empowering, it’s super artsy, and it’s fierce AF. You and I both know this, right? We’ve been eyeballing this viral video for years, darling. 

However, do you know what I learned today, babes? “Break Free” is the very reason that our girl Ruby Rose was bestowed with the epic, life-changing opportunity to audition for “Orange Is The New Black.” Ruby Rose moved to America from Australia to be an actor several years ago, and didn’t book a single acting gig for over two years. And then, the lovely casting directors over at “Orange Is The New Black” caught wind of her viral video and said, “DAMN, WE NEED TO BOOK THIS HOT LEZ.” (Ok, maybe they didn’t use those exact words, but let a lez dream! It’s a Friday!).

So gorgeous/cool Ruby auditioned for the show, the casting directors fell in lust/love with her and instead of booking her for three episodes as originally planned, they booked her for nine. And the rest is herstory. Ruby Rose became one of the most famous celesbians to ever exist in this cruel, cold world.

My point is, Ruby Rose’s entire life changed when she made this video. And the entire video is about saying “F*CK YOU!” to societal pressures and narrow beauty standards, and just being well, *authentically* you.

So if anyone is feeling a little rough around the edges this week, I want you to watch this video. And hopefully, you will feel inspired to be the most awesome, real version of yourself. Whether you’re butch, femme, andro or a combination of all styles and genders, you will always be SEXY when you’re following your own definition of beauty, babes.

Happy Friday, queer kittens! Have a blast at your local dyke bar, but don’t black out tonight. Blacking out is never a good look. Even when you’re dressed fierce.



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Zara Barrie is the Executive Editor of GO Magazine. She’s consumed by style, sexuality, women, words, fashion and feelings. She identifies as a “mascara lesbian” and lives beyond her means in Manhattan. Stalk her on FacebookInstagram and Twitter. 

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