Video Of The Day: LGBTQ Elders Tell Their Stories

“I thought I was the only gay person in the world!”

It’s Friday and I’m in a cute mood, y’all. And then this video popped up in my newsfeed and my already cute mood got even cuter. Who doesn’t want a little “Awww” moment in their Friday afternoon? Have tissues on deck, but this video is a tear-jerker.

Our LGBTQ elders paved the way for us. They fought so that we could have the rights and equality that we now have today.”You had to be closeted,” explains Theresa, 78 years-old. The LA LGBTQ Community Center made this video to shed a light on the issues elders in our community face.

“I thought I was the only gay person in the world! I was ready to live life as the only [gay] person. I went to the dictionary and I looked up homosexuality and it says it’s a phase that one passes through,” says Maria.

“When my father got a hold of me, he asked me Do you wanna go see a therapist or shrink? And I said No, no. I am who I am and I’m fine, don’t worry about it. And he said Well, you’re my daughter and no matter who you are, I’ll always love you,” Vicki remembers, 80 years-old.

75% of LGBTQ seniors in LA live alone. The younger generations have a responsibility to take care of our elders. Helping them go grocery shopping or to doctors appointments. They served their future generations (us!) and now we can return that immense favor.

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