Video of the Day: “ANGLE of Ascent” Details LGBTQ Life in the CIA

Lesbians spies are the best kind.

The CIA has made great strides in LGBTQ-inclusion within its ranks, and the documentary “ANGLE of Ascent” highlights the steps that have been taken to create and support ANGLE (Agency Network for Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgender Officers and Allies). A recent screening in Los Angeles had ANGLE Founder Tracey Ballard celebrating the first-ever Los Angeles LGBTQ CIA event with two other officers from Langley: HR Specialist Chris Courtemanche and Sharon VanCory, who works in an “undisclosed technical field.”

One interesting thing that came up during the L.A. event was how Ellen DeGeneres‘s coming out episode highlighted homophobia within the CIA. Sharon VanCory “explained to The Hollywood Reporter that when Ellen DeGeneres came out — on April 30, 1997 — an internal computer bulletin board system at the CIA
lit up’ with volumes of anonymous homophobic comments in response to DeGeneres’ TV and Time magazine announcement.” Tracey Ballard’s reaction was to reply to them non-anonymously, effectively outing herself and coming to realize the CIA had a problem, which then inspired ANGLE. Lesbians FTW!

You can watch the 45-minute doc in full below.

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