Tiffany Dockery

Tiffany Dockery


“As the granddaughter of a sharecropper who picked cotton for half her life and the daughter of a lifelong civil servant who spent her working life doing data entry, it’s never lost on me how much of a privilege it is to get paid to think and build things that make people’s lives easier,” Tiffany Dockery says. She’s worked at Google, American Express, and HBO, and that’s just the beginning of the big names on her resume. At Etsy, Dockery built out new visual discovery experiences, and at Instagram led personalization for the Explore tab and helped launch new content formats, Guides and Reels. Before Instagram, she was at Spotify, launching a ranking model to personalize the platform’s Home screen—a first of its kind innovation. Now as a Venture Lead at DvX Ventures, Dockery is making a difference from start to finish. “I was attracted to my role at DvX Ventures because of their mission to launch and scale game-changing businesses that have a positive impact on our society and the world at large,” says Dockery. “After having spent years at big tech companies…I am excited to learn what it takes to take an idea from concept to scaled reality.” Throughout all of her groundbreaking work, Dockery never loses sight of her ultimate goal. “I intend to…leave the world better than I found it—specifically for Black women and girls,” she says. “From higher rates of fertility issues like fibroids, endometriosis, or PCOS, to maternal deaths, to the silent epidemic of depression, I’ve seen, and in some cases personally experienced, how the pervasive stress of racism and sexism lead to negative health outcomes for Black women.” Ultimately, Dockery sees her experience in tech as preparation for her lifelong dream: “to eventually open a series of wellness centers for Black women.”

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