The Very Best Of TV/Film (June 12-August 7)

The Art Of Being Straight, Cielo Abierto and more!

Come hang out on El Museo’s roof this summer! As the museum renovates its courtyard and galleries, it’s taking the party to el techo with Cielo Abierto, sponsored by Bloomberg. Every third Saturday from June to Sept, El Museo hosts an Afternoons at El Rufo dance party on the roof—complete with panoramic views of Central Park and El Barrio—followed by indie film screenings in conjunction with Rooftop Films.

Jesse Rosen’s The Art of Being Straight, screening at the Quad starting June 5, is a smart comedy exploring the too often strict boundaries of being gay or straight from the perspective of today’s younger generation.  Twenty-three-year-old Jon (Jesse Rosen) has just moved to Los Angeles from New York, ostensibly "taking a break" from his longtime girlfriend. He moves in with college bro Andy (Jared Grey), and becomes immersed in the comforting regression to the college student lifestyle of partying, womanizing and talking trash.  However, Andy’s pals incessantly do that kind of "That’s so gay" banter that is only essentially harmless if you’re not the guy who has a gay area to figure out…

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