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Any card-carrying lesbian knows that the only guilty pleasure better than watching dyke drama on TV is witnessing it live. Every first and third Saturday through June, La MaMa E.T.C. presents the The Dyke Division of Two-Headed Calf in Room for Cream, a live lesbian serial. Follow the espresso-laced exploits of dykes in distress and lesbians in love. Characters include a handywoman with empty pockets and a wisecracking mother; a toy technician at the local sex shop; a film and feminism professor; and more.

Feb 7–10 at New York City Center, Encores! begins its 2008 season with the 1970 Tony Award-winning hit, Applause, starring Christine Ebersole, Erin Davie, Mario Cantone and Tom Hewitt. Applause, based on the classic Bette Davis film, All About Eve, is the ultimate backstage musical—the story of the great Broadway star Margo Channing and her duplicitous understudy, Eve Harrington.

A jet crashes on a remote island in the Pacific. Only 2-1/2 celebrities survive: Angelina Jolie. Jennifer Aniston. And Brad Pitt, sort of. It’s a ferocious battle for survival as our protagonists face hunger, the elements, and the truth about themselves in Angie & Jen, Feb 15 at the UCB Theater. Who will make it off the island? Written by Laura Buchholz and Christina Casa and starring Sara Chase and Christina Casa, Jen & Angie is a theatrical story not even In Touch magazine could fabricate.

Feb 11–April 28, award winning actresses Kathleen Chalfant and Patricia Elliott star in The No Frills Company’s presentation of Vita & Virginia, a play adapted from the correspondence between Virginia Woolf and Vita Sackville-West. This theatrical event focuses on two extraordinary 20th century women exploring their passions—literary and otherwise—in the 1920s and 1930s and through the first years of WWII. It deals, in a very timely way, with women seeking their place in the world as they face personal and professional conflicts.

Euphoric Tendencies hits the Access Theater Mar 6–22. Beth Moss is a frustrated writer, bored with her bookstore job, her computer-geek boyfriend and her inability to write the great American novel. Enter Mina, a bisexual, effervescent free-spirit, who scoops Beth up and convinces her that if she wants to be a good writer, she has to get out there and live. Mina thrusts Beth head first into erotic novels, yoga, dancing under the full moon, fetish clothing, bisexuality and a world of kinky sex. Ignoring her novel, Beth fills the pages of her journal with the details of her exciting new experiences, and the changes they’re having on her.

Kaliyuga Arts is thrilled to bring In Circles, a seminal work from the early days of off-off-Broadway, back to Judson Memorial Church where it originally premiered. The fractured, evocative text of Gertrude Stein’s 1920 A Circular Play is sent spinning by a wildly eclectic core in this musical masterpiece. Unconventional and abstract in her writing, Gertrude Stein was the life of party in 20th century Paris. As an American living in Europe, she turned her home into a museum of modern art, discovering artists and holding evening salons with friends such as Picasso, Matisse and Apollinaire, along with her companion Alice B. Toklas.

Feb 27–Mar 9, the 2nd annual FRIGID New York Festival arrives at several city venues. This eclectic festival is the only one of its kind that caters completely to the artist—100% of all box office proceeds go directly back to the festivals participants. This year’s festival features many works of interest to LGBT women, including XY(T): which presents series of questions, contradictions, and characters around the theme of transitioning and testosterone; Chosen, an irreverent take on the life of Hillary Clinton; and Two in the Bush!, The Stripping Rabbi’s incredible tale of her world tour.

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