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Project: Lohan, *Costume Required, Joianne Bittle and more

Is Lindsay Lohan washed up at 24? Or with Google searches on the clothes she wears to court topping the 2011 Egyptian revolution, has she become the ultimate reality celebrity? D’Arcy Drollinger explores the trappings of celebrity in Project: Lohan, a multi-media experience chronicling the life of Lindsay Lohan (at La Mama April 29–May 8). With only found text and images from tabloids, magazines, entertainment TV and Internet gossip sites, Lohan’s arc from Disney starlet to convicted felon is reconstructed in an evocative timeline as both classic myth and Shakespearean tragedy.

SOHO20 Chelsea presents *Costume Required, new work by artist Celeste Rapone, on exhibit through April 23. Rapone’s recent work is a titillating display of quizzically costumed individuals endlessly and unknowingly performing for themselves. Rapone’s pieces churn out symbolic expressions of pop-culture. They ask us to examine how habitual behavior threatens authentic communication, and how continually “broadcasting” our gender, religious views and nationalism creates an impersonal experience of divisive signals.

Churner and Churner has announced the gallery’s inaugural exhibition: No Man’s Land by Joianne Bittle. “No Man’s Land” brings together two series of Bittle’s work: a recently completed group of paintings of jackrabbits and the first of a series of portable dioramas. As a professional diorama maker for the American Museum of Natural History, Bittle works with a technical precision honed through years of adherence to the conventions of her craft.

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