The Lesbian Lounge

This online radio show is taking over the gay airwaves…

Wednesday nights from 9–11PM EST, log into to hear The Lesbian Lounge, an online radio show about all things lesbian with hosts Donna Woessner and Denise Warner. Click “listen” at the top of the page to hear the show live, and “chat” to exchange ideas with up to 40 listeners while it streams.

“I did some FM Radio on a show called Issues Over The Rainbow, one of the first gay radio shows on a dance channel,” says Denise, formerly of Issues Over The Rainbow’s “Chick Chat” segment on Party 93. “It was 56 minutes of gay boy talk and 4 minutes of Chick Chat.”

The lack of lesbian content inspired Denise to create something “expressly for lesbians.” In time, she and Donna, with whom she had co-hosted a monthly open mic night for women, pitched their ideas to GIRL Radio, and thus began The Lesbian Lounge on They have since hosted the likes of Jane Lynch, Eileen Chaiken, Suzanne Westenhoefer, Cathy DeBuono and Bitch on their show.

“I think I’m the bully, bossy one,” says Denise of the duo’s colorful on-air rapport. “Oh, wait – I mean the Virgo.” According to Donna, “I’m the Ed McMahon to Denise’s Johnny.”

With a focus on the media and a double dose of humor and irreverent wit, The Lesbian Lounge supplies the lowdown on anything lesbian-related that’s happening right now. “I love talking about anything new for lezzies: movies, short films, music, sites, books, places, drinks, businesses, andresorts,” says Denise. “The mission is to get out all kinds of information for women everywhere. It’s the internet – we’re global, baby! Anything that listeners want people to know…anything to relates to lesbian pop culture, we want to be the mouthpiece to the lezzie  community!”

If you miss the show, catch the replay on Sundays from 12-2PM EST. Podcasts are also available online and through iTunes.

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