‘The L Word: Gen Q’ Season 3 Trailer Promises ALL THE DRAMA


“At last.”

We’re just over one month out and “The L Word: Generation Q” has gifted us a full trailer of the upcoming season. 

The trailer appears on the show’s Instagram site, along with a message: “heard you were asking for the s3 trailer.” 

In a reply, Katherine Moennig, who plays Shane McCutcheon, says, “At last,” followed by a heart emoji.

The trailer begins with a voiceover, saying “Many of us struggled, but our time here is limited.” (The same voiceover is played again at the trailer’s end, but with an added caveat: the speaker adds, “I don’t want to waste another second.”)

We then cut to the scene where the previous teaser trailer left off, with Tina asking Bette if she’s still in love with her. When Bette is unable to – or refuses – to answer, Tina storms out, leaving Bette alone to let rip a primal scream. 

We’re then treated to a montage of “drama, drama, drama!” to quote Jillian Mercado. Tina and Bette may be back together (or maybe not?). Mirabel tells Micah that she wants to have a baby, but “I don’t want to push you into something you’re not ready for,” she says. Dani and Gigi discuss moving in together – but Gigi has to talk to Nat about it first. Carrie talks to Finley, apparently out of rehab, “about the tsunami of depression that kicked my ass” (a possible hint at her post-Tina break-up?). And – because of course there’s always more drama – Sophie can be seen hurling a brick through a car window. 

The trailer also appears on Leisha Hailey’s Instagram page. “DRAAAMAAAA,” the actor, who plays fan favorite and returning OG Alice Pieszecki, writes. 

One fan responded to her post with humor, referring to what appears to be a substance-induced near-kiss that occurs between Alice and Shane, which immediately causes both to recoil awkwardly at the thought of going any further. 


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Season three premieres on Showtime November 18.

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