‘The L Word: Generation Q’ Second Season Premieres Tonight

It’s finally here!

It’s finally here! “The L Word: Generation Q” season two premieres tonight on streaming and on demand for Showtime subscribers.

Fans of the show have had to wait for over a year and a half for the second season to drop (the last episode of season one aired way back in January 2020). During that time, we were treated to precious few crumbs of information, including the fact that Rosie O’Donnell would guest star as Tina’s fiancé, Carrie. 

We still have very little in the way of spoilers for the upcoming season, since the cast and crew have proven pretty good at keeping secrets, but a trailer that dropped back in June did give us a few other clues: Micah sleeps with a woman (“but you’ve got to not freak out” he warns Dani before telling her); Shane gets involved with a married woman (“I swear to god I had no idea that was her wife. She should have come with a warning label!”); plus we get a steamy kiss between Bette and Gigi, hinting at a possible new relationship. 

We also know that the second season will continue to showcase the stories of a diverse group of lesbian and queer characters, expanding the types of narratives that are represented in television entertainment.

“I feel just so much better about the second season now than I did the first,” showrunner Marja Lewis-Ryan told GO in an exclusive this summer. “It was really hard to take such an iconic show and turn it into something that was new, but also felt familiar.”  

Viewers who don’t have streaming or on demand services can wait until Sunday, when the second season premieres officially on Showtime, or drop by one of the watch parties happening around the country tonight.

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