‘The L Word: Generation Q’ Recap: Season 1 Episode 7

They have been anticipating judgment when all there is is love.

What a change from the first episode to the seventh! Dani and Sophie have drifted so far apart that while I am still looking at Sophie’s hot body, Dani is not. Distracted Dani doesn’t notice that Sophie is perhaps starting to fall for Finley. Sophie is using humor and food to defuse her family’s anxieties. Sophie is so emotionally available for the people in her family, which is why she really needs Dani here more than ever — but where is she? You have to ask for your needs, but Dani should also have anticipated this need.

Finley, who is at her best around Sophie and is here to support her at this trying time, points out this hypocrisy. They pray for Sophie’s grandma together, and Finley seems able to confront this demon when Sophie is by her side. Dani can’t keep her focus on Sophie long enough to be helpful. Sophie kisses Finley after a very long day.

Gigi is taking over running the throuple household. They are experimenting with boundaries, such as “If it’s below sea, it’s all three” for when they want to watch TV together. The network is threatening to cancel Alice’s show, and Drew, the straight, white, heterosexual consultant, is going to have even more power. It’s a crushing blow, but I can’t wait to see how she fights back and figures it out. Drew is just trying to help, but I understand why Alice wants someone who can do this job while also being queer. There are probably a lot of options.

Gigi and Nat, home alone together while Alice works to save her career, do some couple behavior. Was that approved by the throuple council? Perhaps this boundary should have been decided on beforehand. Alice feels ousted from the relationship, though Nat and Gigi ask her to come home.

Tina joins Bette and Shane at Dana’s, and while I’m not getting Planet vibes, it’s nice to see them together. Tina and Bette plan on dinner together, and Bette gets the excited schoolboy look in her eyes. Shane is quick to call them out on their flirting. Bette and Tina eat dinner and have a real conversation. I don’t think I’ve ever watched them pay this much attention to each other. Tina is engaged, and for some reason, Bette thinks she is allowed to be upset about this. I would like to remind Bette that she was dating Felicity until, like, last episode. She puts on her best “happy for you” face, and I think she is genuinely trying to be.

Shane is nervous at Quiara’s ultrasound, and it’s really cute. When they hear the baby’s heartbeat, Shane is not crying and she reads too much into that. Everyone goes at their own rate, ya know? She also needs to give the bar time to go at its own rate. Tess’s advice is using communication, advice Shane has never been able to take. Tess is by far the best character when she’s focused on her health. Shane gives us a cruel reminder of what she did to Carmen at the altar when she stands Quiara up at dinner, but then she comes and communicates her feelings finally. Shane is baffled by Quiara’s patience. She has to have more faith in people.

Alice and Bette make up from their fight and realize they just want to be seen by each other. They have both been anticipating judgment when all there is is love. Aw!
Micah’s mom took four edibles (baller, much?), and they are going to lunch. I have to be honest, as a trans man, this scene was hard for me to watch. Micah’s mom pulls out pictures of him pre-transition and calls him by the wrong pronouns. Micah is frustrated and upset with her, but she cannot be stopped. When he runs out of the restaurant, José comforts him by saying “I see you.” Every trans person needs someone who sees them. Later, Micah processes his feelings with his mom because you truly can’t pick your mom, and sometimes you just have to take small steps.

Big Revelations

  • Wait are they all gay???

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