‘The L Word: Generation Q’ Recap: Season 1 Episode 6

You can get 1 free drink at Dana’s if you have an undercut.

Reporters swarm Bette’s home at the opening of this episode. We knew there was going to be a big backlash to her reaction at Angie’s play; let’s hope it doesn’t disrupt her visions for the future. It looks like Alice will be dragged into the drama as she is seen outside of Bette’s house. She had previously defended Bette on her show, but age does not always come with wisdom for our favorite lesbians. Shane continues to be the best friend in the world, offering to take Angie to her driver’s test.

Wouldn’t life be bearable with a friend like Shane? Bette wants to drop out of the mayoral race, though of course, Dani thinks this choice is hers, and the only thing that can stop her is the arrival of…TINA!!!!! (looking very cute with a red tint to her hair).

Tina slips so easily into the role of a supportive partner for Bette. Tina knows more about Angelica’s personal relationships that we haven’t seen before. They keep saying our daughter, and I felt like I was going to cry the whole time.

Bette’s assistant, Pierce, is disillusioned by her betrayal and walks out on the campaign. For some reason, Bette is expected to be completely without sins or flaws (perhaps because she is a woman, or a lesbian woman, or a lesbian woman of color).
Tina and Bette are confronting some of their past mistakes. It feels more like a never-ending pattern, rather than a cathartic release. They both think they know better than the other, and neither one is right. When Bette asks her to stay, I wonder if we are slipping back into the toxic dynamic they are prone to.

When Tina celebrates with Angie on her license, Angie questions why Tina can’t be around more often. It’s a devastating conversation that brings me back to my own parents’ divorce, though unhappily, my mom never learned how to be a lesbian. I’m glad Tina talks honestly to Angelica. They both deserve this level of respect.
Bette decides to stay in the mayoral race, giving an impassioned speech to reporters about Kit’s devastating death of a heroin overdose.

Shane keeps claiming to not be parent material while showing the most maternal instincts of everyone on the show. She takes Angie to her driving test, and then, along with Quiara, walks her through the big conversation about Love. (I had a hard time watching the rest of the scene because Quiara is so beautiful; it’s like looking into the sun.)

Angie confesses feelings for Jordi. Young love is terrifying. They kiss.

Old love is even scarier. Shane agrees to raise Quiara’s baby with her. They kiss.

Trouble in paradise for Alice and her two girlfriends? Gigi outed their throuple to a waitress to the chagrin of the other two. On the car ride home, all three are wearing very cute sunglasses. Gigi storms out after another fight about what their relationship should look like, kissing Alice goodbye but not Nat. The kids have accepted their three moms as easily as kids do. I also have a million parents and love them all. Gigi is invited back, and they have a snuggle party with the kids — a big happy family.

Finley wakes up with Tess on her nips like a dollop of sour cream after a drunken night that ended in a Taco Bell bathroom. Tess is off the wagon, Shane is pissed, and Finley never learns anything.

She asks Sophie if she is too damaged to be with someone. To this, I responded, out loud to my cat, “Right now, yes”.

Sophie and Finley go out to Dana’s where Tess is bartending, perhaps a bad move for Bro Night. Shane very realistically wants Finley to move out and graciously gives her a week to do so. Finley is blessed to have Sophie in her life, as she offers to take her in enthusiastically.

Oh, no. They almost kiss.

Sophie and Dani don’t appear together until the end of the episode. Sophie drunkenly confronts her about not talking to her about her feelings. Dani is grumpy to her.

I didn’t get to see José this episode, which is a shame because I like to see him.

Big Revelations

Pierce is trans

Angie can legally drive!

You can get 1 free drink at Dana’s if you have an undercut

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