‘The L Word: Generation Q’ Recap: Season 1 Episode 3

It’s so mysterious!

We open this episode with dancing. José wants to dance with Micah, who is a buzzkill, but I understand because he doesn’t want to embarrass himself in front of the very, very hot José.

Finley and Rebecca are getting closer as they lay in bed together. Finley shows an inclination for not having boundaries and shows off some confident nipples.

Rebecca is going to MCC, a Church, and Finley is uncomfortable with the idea of her going to church, especially, “on a TUESDAY.” Finley is gonna go with Sophie to MCC, because it is on her venue list (convenient), but there they discover Rebecca is actually the (hot) minister! “I’m more closeted about being Christian than I am about being queer.” Finley then bails on her, and Rebecca is very straightforward about why that made her sad, so Finley reaches out. Finley visits a Catholic church, where Rebecca meets her and supports her through some deep emotions.

Shane bought Atlas to make it back into a gay bar!!! She asks Tess and Lena to run the lesbian bar. Shane breaks the good news to Bette and Alice, who take it as they characteristically would. Bette thinks it was too impulsive, but Alice is excited. Bette then brings flowers to Shane, and they talk about Shane’s heartbreak. I want Shane to feel normal, too, perhaps when Carmen comes to DJ. Lena is very—um—overt in her flirtations with Shane, and Shane is back to her old ways (fucking her on a desk).

Alice and Nat talk about how lesbians lose friends when you break up because Gigi was her best friend. This leads to Alice meddling with Nat’s relationships by inviting Gigi to hang out with Nat. Nat is understandably upset by the meddling but does hang out with Gigi at the debate, which Shane points out as a dangerous situation. When they end up talking late into the night, Alice sees the errors of her ways. Did they hire Nat because she looks vaguely like Jenny? I’m sure I’ll be hearing from managing editor Dayna about how wrong I am on that front.

Angelica is hate crimed at school, so she punches the bully named Missy. When Bette comes to pick her up, she is supportive and delivers this heartbreaking quote: “Missy is going to get away with a lot in life, and you won’t. The rules are different for you.” Bette is very inspiring, and we see she still refuses to be brought down by the world’s bullshit. I love seeing Bette fiery and righteous.

Megan Rapinoe comes on Alice’s show and the whole world is drooling. She is cool and confident while telling her coming out story. She really shows off how to work a crowd — how meta! Also, they are totally flirting!!

Dani, in her new role in Bette’s campaign, and Pierce are preparing for Bette’s live debate. Angie being in a private school is suddenly a liability. Her opponent is going to point out that Bette is hypocritical for refusing to send Angelica to public school. I can understand why she doesn’t want to use Angelica as a political tool, but it is too late. The seed has been sown, and Angelica wants to go to public school. The public school I went to was very white and racist, so I’m not sure this would solve all of her problems, but I agree she should get a say in where she goes. Bette is suddenly fine with using Angelica as a political tool and wins support from the teachers’ union.

Dani meets her father for lunch, and it’s awkward at first, but then they get to talking about the wedding. He made an appointment to tour The Biltmore, and he’s offering to pay for the wedding. Sophie doesn’t want to do it, because it wasn’t their idea, which is kind of negative. However, he reveals (in North Carolina, with Sophie’s family in tow, somehow on the same day? And they get home the same day too?) that he already put down a deposit, meaning he also picked their wedding day. He’s already planning on inviting his colleagues. This leads to tension between Dani and Sophie, as she doesn’t want to feel uncomfortable at her own wedding.

A mysterious stranger at the pool catches Micah’s eye. José then mysteriously cancels on their date. Micah has rebound sex with a guy from a dating app and feels some remorse, but Sophie cheers him up with encouragement and dancing, which he is no longer a buzzkill about because it is with his friend.

Dani spots Bette and Felicity meeting in a hotel room, I can’t wait for this story to come out. It’s so mysterious just getting snippets at the end of each episode!

Big revelations

  • Dani’s mom passed away
  • Tess has a tricky relationship with alcohol
  • Finley is deeply suspicious of organized religion, specifically Catholicism
  • Tina left Bette for someone else

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