‘The L Word: Generation Q’ Recap: Season 1 Episode 2

It’s taking effort, but I am starting to care about people other than Alice, Shane, and Bette.

I prepped for episode two of “The L Word: Generation Q” by cuddling up on the couch with a notebook so I could start learning some of the new characters’ names. I’m glad I had it, because this episode was DENSE. It’s taking effort, but I am starting to care about people other than Alice, Shane, and Bette.

The episode opens with Alice and Nat furiously making out in Nat’s house. They are interrupted by a pounding on the door; it turns out to be Nat’s ex-wife Gigi. She nails her wedding ring to the door and Alice is visibly shaken until they decide to get back to the action. It is revealed to be a flashback to the first time they hooked up.

Dani and Sophie hit some rough water when their wedding planning discussions turn into a disagreement about Dani’s career choices. I am also questioning Dani’s choices, because she decided to quit her job and tell her dad that she is engaged in one conversation! Any parent would need a little more space between those two life events, even if they aren’t also your boss. Dani and Sophie don’t seem to care about Micah’s upcoming date with the very hot neighbor, Jose, but they are alone in that sentiment, because I myself am so invested in the hot neighbor.

Finley appears to be making herself at home in Shane’s apartment (to Shane’s uncomfortable surprise). It seems we’ll see Shane begrudgingly mentoring Finley in the ways of life and lesbianism. Finley isn’t cool and calm like Shane; instead, she’s rather irritating.

Unhappy with her last-minute decision to bring Bette on the show, the network claims they want Alice to stay true to herself but also foist a man, Drew Wilson, to take control away from Alice on her show. Alice is pulled away to deal with her step-son Eli, who is ill and needs to be picked up from school. The meeting goes on without her, and Drew is condescending about the realities of parenthood. Alice calls upon Shane to help her parent Eli, and Shane is truly graceful with him — a lovely reminder that she has parenting experience. She beautifully reminds Alice, “Kids are people.”

Dani and Bette are showing a lot of parallels in this episode (did you spy their coordinating outfits??). If this is foreshadowing for how Dani will treat Sophie in their marriage, I am concerned. We get a throwback to Bette’s arrest for bringing provocations to the CAC. She brings up her affair with The Carpenter. We get our first mention of Jenny as she literally killed herself on Bette’s property. I never thought of the repercussions that would have on Bette’s life, and I guarantee you Jenny didn’t either. No mention of Kit, though we are still having the information teased out slowly; it seems clear that she must have died of an overdose. They better do this storyline justice!

Micah’s date with Jose went well, though there were a few slip ups. Jose is not perfect or graceful about Micah’s transition. It is a great reminder for everyone, no matter how educated, that the best thing you can do when trying to learn more about a person is to listen, not make assumptions. There is a steamy and heartfelt scene in the pool — a motif I, personally, am very happy they carried over from the original “The L Word.”

Shane and Finley head to a bar (that was previously a lesbian bar!!!) to cope with Shane’s sadness about being served divorce papers (which Finley signed for without knowing). Shane is as attractive and smooth as ever, though she seems to be turning women down now. She is also suddenly very fit and throws a man to the ground like a bag of rice when he grabs the bartender’s arm. Shane used to not be able to dribble a basketball, remember that?

Finley is very awkward and needs a lot of liquid courage to approach ladies. I can break this scene down into a whole essay, but all you really need to know is that the girl from “Juno” (the friend, not Juno) is here, and Finley isn’t even cool enough to buy her a drink. Olivia Thurby plays Rebecca, someone way out of Finley’s league who, for some reason, is giving her a chance. Finley is too drunk when they try to have sex and very nearly pukes on her. Later on, during Dani and Sophie’s engagement party, we are finally treated to a hot moment of them getting intimate a bit more gracefully.

Biggest Revelations

  • Finley reveals she was actually kicked out of her home by her parents
  • Gigi cheated on Nat with a woman named Mona
  • Bette and Felicity miss each other, and there might be a chance of a reunion

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