#ThankYouAlabama: Democrat Doug Jones Wins Alabama Senate Race

This is a historic win.

Photo by AP

Doug Jones has won a victory in the Alabama senate race against alleged sexual abuser Roy Moore. Doug Jones gained public notice when he prosecuted two KKK members who bombed a Black church. Roy Moore has been accused of abusing teenage girls when he worked as a local prosecutor. It goes without saying that this is a significant victory for Alabama and for America. Alabama is in the deep South and has regularly voted Republican. This is the first Democratic senate win for Alabama since the 1986 victory of Richard Shelby (who switched to the Republican party in his second term). This news is paramount.

#ThankYouAlabama has been trending on twitter all morning, creating an outpour of emotions and gratitude from Americans across the country.

This victory is especially historic, coming after President Trump had publicly declared his support for Roy Moore on twitter. America is showing that we are not okay with bigotry. More specifically, black women are championing the movement. Without the voting efforts of Black women, Roy Moore would’ve won. The majority of white women in Alabama voted for Moore. Hopefully this will act as a wake-up call for white women to do better.

Coming after November’s historic Democratic victory, it seems like our country is heading in the right direction. Let’s keep the momentum going. Let’s continue to elect black women for positions in public office.

Democrats are currently only 2 seats away from the majority, thanks to Jones’ victory. For voters to come out in unprecedented numbers to fight against a deeply problematic candidate should inspire all of us to continue to fight.

During his victory rally in Birmingham, Jones said “We have shown not just around the state of Alabama, but we have shown the country the way — that we can be unified.”

Jones’ victory signifies on a national level that the American people are standing up to bigotry and harmful politicians—hoping to disrupt the current Trump agenda—and that we are willing to keep fighting the good fight. Thank you Alabama and thank you Black Women.

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