T Kira Māhealani Madden

Annabel Graham


T Kira Māhealani Madden is a writer, photographer, and amateur magician who has made a name for herself as a prolific writer and advocate for diverse voices. With a Chinese and Kānaka Maoli background, her work explores themes of identity, family, and community. As the Founding Editor of No Tokens, a magazine of literature and art, she has championed underrepresented voices and created a platform for emerging writers to showcase their work. Madden’s memoir, Long Live the Tribe of Fatherless Girls, has garnered critical acclaim, was recognized as a New York Times Editors’ Choice selection and was a finalist for multiple literary awards. Her highlyanticipated debut novel, Whidbey, is forthcoming with Mariner/HarperCollins. Her writing process, Madden explains, is very much suited to both her thoughtfulness and shy personality. “I’m able to take my time in writing, the one place a shy person cannot be interrupted when taking their time,” she says. Madden has received numerous fellowships and awards, including the 2021 Judith A. Markowitz Award, which recognizes LGBTQ+ writers who have made a significant contribution to the field. One of the most rewarding aspects of her work, according to Madden, is connecting with readers and helping emerging writers tell their stories. “Holding those doors of possibility open, the way so many others held a door for me,” she explains, has been a driving force behind her work. Her dedication to amplifying diverse voices in literature and creating opportunities for emerging writers is a testament to her passion and commitment to the craft.

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