Video Of The Day: The Incredible Transformation Of Drag King “Spikey Van Dykey”

“If men can dress as women, can’t women dress as men?”

Have you ever had the opportunity to see the amazing performer, drag king, male impressionist, boylesque dancer, Spikey Van Dykey live, in the flesh?

I certainly have.

And let me tell you it’s a performance like you’ve never, ever, ever, EVER seen before! Incredible hand-crafted costumes, epic amounts of creativity, powerful gender-bending energy and jaw-dropping artistry galore!

I’ve often wondered how Jamie Kalman (their name in everyday life) is able to transform into Spikey Van Dykey. And lucky for me, in this awesome video by ELLE Magazine, we’re able to watch the transformation unravel before our curious little eyes. Not only that, but we get to learn the inspiration that was the driving force behind Spikey Van Dykey and learn a little bit about what life is like as a superstar Drag King.

If you want to see more of Spikey Van Dykey check em’ out:

And remember, to always support your local drag, king baby.

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