Six New Albums to Stream from Out Women in 2017

There’s something for everyone in these multi-genre musical offerings.

Despite the heaviness that has hung over the beginning of 2017, six new albums from queer women are out and serving up some much-needed positive vibes and killer tunes. There’s something for everyone in these multi-genre musical offerings. Turn to these LPs to keep you in good spirits for the rest of the year.

Syd – “Fin”

For fans of: neo-soul, ’90s R&B, alternative hip-hop

Syd tha Kyd was once known as Odd Future’s resident DJ (and sole woman of the crew). After moving on to release collaborative albums as part of The Internet, Syd releases her first solo effort, “Fin.” This time, she’s embracing her soulful side more than ever, garnering comparisons to Aaliyah and TLC.  Never afraid to make it clear she’s singing about relationships with other women, “Fin” has Syd singing lines like “I say that she’s my only/but God, you on my mind.” “Smile More” is a sensual love song and Syd knows what the ladies want to hear, and “No Complaints” is a Rihanna-esque song you’ll definitely want to put on when you want to get down.

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