Seven Minutes In Heaven With Filmmaker Jenna Laurenzo

“I love stories. Listening to stories. Telling stories. The power of stories.”

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I first became aware of filmmaker Jenna Laurenzo directly after I had written my very first lesbian sex article. The underworld of lesbian content creators is small and supportive, so we connected via email and eventually, she sent me a link to a short film she had made called “Girl Night Stand.”

The film which Laurenzo wrote, stars in, directed and co-produced is a hilarious, heartfelt short film about a girl who after experiencing her first one-night stand with a woman is left feeling wildly confused, super turned on and a super nervous all at once.

And babes, holy shit did that nine-minute film hit close to home! It wasn’t so long ago I was that girl. In fact, we’ve all been that girl at one point in our lives, haven’t we?

I was immediately impressed by Laurenzo’s self-deprecating comedic-timing, raw performance, and convincing dialogue. “This girl is a force of nature and is going places!” I thought to myself.

And Laurenzo is most definitely going places as she’s currently in post-production with her first feature-length film, gorgeously titled “Lez Bomb” (seriously can’t wait for that one, as my entire life has been sort of a figurative “lez bomb”).

Today we caught up with the amazing filmmaker to learn more about her creative process.

We proudly present “Seven Minutes In Heaven” with Jenna Laurenzo!

GO: Who are you and what do you do?

Jenna Lorenzo: I’m a filmmaker who made the short film Girl Night Stand and I’m currently in post-production on my first feature film Lez Bomb. Lez Bomb was executive produced by Bobby Farrelly and stars Cloris Leachman, Deirdre O’Connell, Bruce Dern, Kevin Pollack, Steve Guttenberg, Elaine Hendrix, Rob Moran, Brandon Micheal Hall, and Caitlin Mehner.

GO:  What is the driving force behind your career/activism? 

JL: I love stories. Listening to stories. Telling stories. The power of stories. When it came to Lez Bomb, when I was coming out I was desperate for comedies with characters I could relate to and I wanted more lesbian movies with happy endings. I’ve said this before – I wrote Lez Bomb because it was the movie I wanted to see but couldn’t find. I’m a big fan of comedy in general when it comes to tackling subject matter that can feel heavy, because it provides an accessibility. Get people laughing and they’ll go on the ride with you.

GO: Where do you go for inspiration when you’re feeling discouraged or depleted?

JL: I’m big on yoga and meditation.

GO: Who are your biggest queer lady role models?

JL: There are way too many to list here! I will say, my wife is a daily inspiration to me. She’s accomplished so much career wise, yet she’ll come rushing inside to tell me our peppers are growing in the garden. She always appreciates the small miracles and its a constant reminder for me to do the same.

GO: Describe yourself in three words? 

JL: Creative, Spiritual, Determined

GO: What music are you listening to right now? 

JL: I’m usually writing to either Mumford & Sons or The Lumineers.

GO: How can people find you?

JL: For all Lez Bomb updates: or you can subscribe to the newsletter:

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