Seven Minutes In Heaven With GO’s New Staff Writer Cameron Glover

Get to know the new voice at GO Magazine.

Welcome to “Seven Minutes in Heaven,” GO Magazine’s brand new interview series that profiles a different queer babe each day, by asking them seven unique (and sometimes random) questions. Get to know the thoughts, feelings, and opinions of the groundbreaking, fierce forces-of-nature in the queer community.

I first met Cameron Glover for a group brunch—there were a few mutual friends who were all interested in sex education and we decided to meet IRL and talk about it. From there, we just kind of hit it off. Full disclosure: Cameron is an amazing human being and we’ve collaborated on several sex ed projects before.

As a friend, it’s been amazing to witness her growth. Every time I see a new article of hers pop up on my newsfeed, I hastily click away to see what wisdom she’s sharing with the world today. And then, when I learned about her podcast “Nerds of Prey”—I knew it must also be genius (it is). Besides all of the amazing work that Cameron does in the world, she’s also an amazing femme friend and has so much knowledge, empathy and compassion to share with others.

Okay, I’m done ~friend gushing~ so now check out our interview and read her latest article for GO, here.

GO Magazine: Who are you and what do you do?

Cameron Glover: I’m Cameron Glover—I’m a freelance writer (and staff writer for GO), budding sexuality educator, and podcaster. I’ve written for publications such as GlamourThink ProgressRefinery29 and Wear Your Voice Mag, where I have a bi-weekly sex column with an intersectional lens. But outside of work, I’m really into reading comics and memoirs, watching sci-fi films, and experimenting with different vegan recipes.

GO: Can you talk a little bit about the genesis of your podcast “Nerds of Prey”?

CG: YES! “Nerds Of Prey” started off really organically; everything really fell into place. One day on Twitter, I was tagged in a tweet that my co-host Shannon wrote, where she was looking for a podcast to listen to on nerd culture led by all Black women. Between, me, Shannon, and our future two cohosts Mel and Lauren, we could only come up with shows that either had Black women absent from the show or only occasionally guest-starred them. So jokingly, I suggested that we start our own show and everyone agreed. I was really freaked out; none of us had previous podcasting experience and there was nervousness that people would be into our show. But it’s been over a year later since our show premiered and people are so warm and responsive to the content we put out. It means a lot to know that so many people love our show as much as we do.

GO: Where do you go for inspiration when you’re feeling discouraged or depleted?

CG: Oddly enough, astrology. I’m getting really into astrology and tarot and I’ve been really enjoying them as a meditative practice. For me, both tarot and astrology help to give me a focus on different parts of my life and allow me to look inward to recharge.

GO: Why do you think it’s important to have space for community to talk about sex and sexuality?

CG: Growing up, no one really talked to me about sex and sexuality outside of the basics. So when I got older, that was such a big motivator for me to go into the sexuality field. Marginalized people—especially QTPOC—need and deserve resources that talk about how sexuality affects us. We also need spaces that we can connect with each other, outside of the white gaze, and find power in our own communities. Being a sex educator, to me, means using the knowledge I’m gaining and resources that I have access to and facilitating how they can better serve marginalized communities. They don’t need people to speak for them, they just need someone to pass them the mic.

GO: Who are your queer role models?

CG: This is a typical writer response, but a lot of my queer role models are literary heroes that have helped to pave the way for me to tell my stories with the world. I still turn to the work of Audre Lorde, Nella Larsen (whose novella “Passing” really stuck with me), Langston Hughes, James Baldwin. But I’m also inspired by contemporary Black queer heroes: people like Myles E. Johnson and Lara Witt, Venus Selenite, Marsha P. Johnson and Frieda Kahlo. I could keep going but I’m inspired by people in the queer community everyday who are brave enough to tell their truth, share it with the world, and inspire others to shine brightly by leading by example.

GO: What podcasts are you listening to right now?

CG: I’ve been really into sex-focused podcasts lately; right now, I’m making my way through past episodes of “Sex Gets Real” and “Sex Nerd Sandra”, and “Inner Hoe Uprising”. But for more SFW suggestions, I’m into “2 Dope Queens” and “Never Before” with Janet Mock (she gives SUCH great interviews). I definitely want to explore more shows soon!

GO: Where can people find you?

CG: You can find me on Twitter @BlkGirlManifest!

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