Same-Sex Marriage Now Recognized In All Of Mexico’s 32 States


“The whole country shines with a huge rainbow.”

Same-sex marriage is now legally recognized in all of Mexico’s 32 states.

Lawmakers in the states of Guerrero and Tamaulipas approved same-sex marriage this week, the last of Mexico’s states to do so. 

“The whole country shines with a huge rainbow,” said Arturo Zaldívar, president of Mexico’s Supreme Court, as reported by the AP. “Live the dignity and rights of all people. Love is love.” 

The Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation ruled to legalize same-sex marriage in 2015, although not all of the Mexico’s states complied immediately with the ruling. 

The State of Mexico, the largest state and one of the country’s most gender-violent according to Reuters, approved same-sex marriage earlier this month. It was followed soon after by Tabasco, where lawmakers voted to approve the measure 23 for to 6 against.  

“Today is a historic day for the LGBTQ community and for Mexico,” said activist Enrique Torre Molina in a statement following the approval in Tamaulipas – the last state to officially recognize same-sex marriage. 

“Today we and our families are more visible, more equal, and we are a country with more justice,” he added. 

Mexico is one of only three Central American countries to approve same-sex marriage. Cuba passed a referendum legalizing same-sex marriage in September while Costa Rica became the first country in Central America to approve same-sex marriage in 2020. 

Same-sex marriage is now legal in over 30 countries around the world, mostly in Western Europe and the Americas. 

Slovenia recently became the first country in Eastern Europe to approve same-sex marriage.

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