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With a talent and passion for bringing people together through music, Remeice is a rising star in the DJing world. Born and raised in Mount Vernon, New York, Remeice was exposed to diverse music genres throughout her formative years, including reggae, dancehall, hip-hop, R&B, and pop—all of which heavily influence her style of DJing today. Remeice worked as a DJ on the side for years while holding a full-time job. Only recently did she see DJing as a viable career option. Despite the occasional bout of imposter syndrome, Remeice has forged her own path. “I feel great knowing organizers are steadily reaching out, and all these wonderful people are interested in following my journey,” she says. Her versatility as a DJ allows her to work with a diverse range of clients, including the American Ballet Theater, NYC Pride, and Misster. She particularly enjoys playing in club and bar space, where the energy is high and the crowd is open to different types of music. She also hopes to expand her services to help her queer family celebrate broader milestones like weddings, trade shows, fitness classes, art showings, and auctions. Above all, Remeice has found the community’s support to be the most rewarding aspect of her work. “I’ve been lucky enough to explore many avenues when it comes to DJing and hosting events, and I’d love to take what I do to another level of expansion and be a source for more celebratory needs,” she says.

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