Queer, Quirky, Cute AF: 5 Lesbian Weddings That Will Make You Say ‘Awww’

You’ve heard of goat yoga…but what about a lesbian llama wedding?

We love us a quirky queer, and two is always better than one. Even in the trash fire that is 2020, there’s still joy to be had, whether it’s sweet nostalgia for parties gone by (remember when we could gather in closed indoor spaces and share in food, drinks and one another’s gay company?) or safely conducted nuptials that celebrate lesbian love. Whether the ceremony is tiny and beachfront (because you just can’t wait to make your partner The One) or full of smoke bombs and big furry creatures (in safer times, of course), there are so many ways to make a special day extra gay. Here are a few fun lesbian weddings past and present to brighten up your Instagram feed, have you furiously bookmarking while yelling “GOALS” to your girlfriend in the next room, and remind you that the best is yet to come.

The Double Whammy Surprise Wedding


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Niecy Nash is outspoken, out there, and never afraid to go big. On August 31st, the actress, best known for “Reno 911” and “Claws,” blew up her social media feeds with a surprising announcement: she just got married to a woman! At once a coming-out story and a celebration of queer romance, the gorgeous photos feature Nash in a stunning mermaid-style white gown and her wife, musician Jessica Betts, in a snappy suit and tie. This is the third marriage for Nash, who was previously wed to two different men. Though Nash played a lesbian on “The Mindy Project,” she hadn’t been publicly out as queer until her wedding to Betts, and the couple’s huge smiles and linked hands in the photos say it all. Love is love, and we wish these awe-inspiring women all the luck in the world — and as soon as there’s a vaccine, they’re welcome to my house for cocktail hour.

The Historic Hallmark Movie Wedding

Photo by Hallmark

I’ll admit it: I have a secret love for the cheesy movies on the Hallmark Channel (which used to air during the Christmas season but now grace us with formulaic comfort all year round!), but damn, do they have to be so straight? Though this fall’s “Wedding Every Weekend,” isn’t a lesbian love story per se, it’s a step in the right direction for representation and visibility. Among the film’s four weddings is a lovely ceremony between two women (the first same-sex ceremony ever to be shown on the Hallmark Channel) who seal their love with (gasp!) a kiss! Naturally, the conservative organization One Million Moms opposed the movie, but overall, reception has been incredibly positive. How about a spinoff, Hallmark?

The Itty-Bitty COVID-safe Beach Wedding


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We love Fortune Feimster for so many reasons: her openness about growing up gay in the South, her body positivity, and her hilarious and too-small cameo as Alice’s “cousin Heather” in “Generation Q.” And now, she’s a wife! On October 25th, People Magazine posted exclusive photos of Feimster and her teacher fiancée Jacquelyn “Jax” Smith strolling on the beach in full wedding regalia. The stand-up comedian rocks a gorgeous blue suit, Smith a breezy white gown, and their faces are positively luminous. The wedding was broadcast over Zoom for loved ones (only a couple of friends were actually in attendance), and in true lesbian fashion, rescue dog Biggie served as the ring bearer. As Feimster explains on her Instagram, the couple decided against a big celebration and chose a tiny, intimate beach wedding instead. “We’ll celebrate with friends and family in a year when it’s safer to do so,” Feimster says. Hopefully, that will include a reception at her beloved Hooters.

The Llama Wedding


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You’ve heard of goat yoga, but what about a lesbian llama wedding? Last year, brides Kate Bunting and Alyssa Gentry decided to kick their North Carolina mountain nuptials up a notch with some very special (and very furry) guests. As part of the outdoor autumn ceremony, the brides arranged for a group of llamas from a local farm that works with the animals for therapy and party purposes to pay a visit. The brides’ off-white gowns were a perfect complement to the llamas’ fuzzy finery, and the latter were extremely photogenic while providing a calm ambiance. Featured on wedding website The Knot and hugely popular on Instagram, the ceremony also featured rainbow smoke bombs! And hey, if you’re in the Portland, Oregon area, bookmark Wedding Llamas for when big ceremonies are safe again.

The DIY Fall Wedding

Photo by Holman Photography, LLC

Rip on pumpkin spice and leggings all you like, but deep down, we all love fall. The colors are vibrant, the weather is no longer blistering hot, and honestly, pumpkin spice flavor is truly delicious. And because of this, fall weddings have that extra dash of cute and quirky, especially when the aesthetic is dreamy DIY that would have Pinterest fans drooling. Though Gina and Daphne’s wedding was back in 2011, it’s still aspirational AF (literally, it’s on LGBTWeddings under “wedding inspiration”) and one for the lesbian record books. Described as “the ultimate DIY,” the wedding left no adorable detail to waste. It was held in a family member’s backyard garden, the brides entered on Vespas, and a Brandi Carlile song played as the women declared their love for one another. And it wasn’t just about appearances; the wedding’s photographer described the “twinkle” in the couple’s eyes. Gay goals for sure.

More than anything, weddings give us hope. It wasn’t long ago that queer women and nonbinary individuals had to settle for commitment ceremonies and civil unions, but now we’re free to celebrate legally in any way we choose. Even when nuptials must be streamed over Zoom (because safety first!), guest lists are limited to a handful of nearest and dearest, or plans are postponed until a vaccine is a thing, knowing that marriage is no longer a dream is a wonderful thing. When you look at these gorgeous photos of quirky couples making their own rules, know that viruses don’t last forever — but love definitely can.

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