Publisher’s Letter

Happy Pride to Our Readers!

That’s right, it’s okay to celebrate!

The economy is in the crapper, the Midwest is under water, there’s a global food shortage and it’s 213 degrees in Central Park. BUT…hey, Hillary and Obama have made nice, Mr. Bush departs in 223 days, California said yes (almost), to same-sex marriage, and it’s PRIDE!

Funny how all those rainbow flags and all that gay PDA can boost our spirits even when times are tough. And why not? Eleven months out of the year we live our lives alongside “mainstream America,” sharing their struggles and concerns while navigating the additional obstacles we face in securing our rights to BE mainstream and to flourish openly and honestly. So to those who say Pride is passé, and that we need not celebrate ourselves with parties and parades in these enlightened times, I say revel in Pride month and remember that we still have a long way to “GO”…yes, I said it!
I am personally inspired by the incredible accomplishments of this year’s 100 Women We Love. These artists, activists, scholars, athletes, entrepreneurs and politicians are among the best and brightest in our community. I hope you all enjoy the piece, and I look forward to your feedback. And if I haven’t said so lately, thank you to all our readers, you inspire us all.
As we prepare to send our sixth Pride Issue to press, I’d like to acknowledge the efforts and accomplishments of this publication’s magnificent staff and volunteers. In the past year they have achieved the nearly-impossible by helping GO flourish in extremely challenging economic times. They are quite simply the finest group of women and men I have had the privilege to work with. In particular, I’d like to acknowledge the “Generals:” Managing Editor Dulci Pitagora and Deputy Publisher Devon Kirkpatrick. Thank you for your steadfast support and your countless contributions to GO.

I’d also like to take this opportunity to thank our outgoing Managing Editor, Sharyn Jackson, as she departs on the next leg of her career. We already miss you Sharyn, and I will always be grateful to you for your contributions to GO, as well as your friendship.

Hugs and kisses and gushy Pride-filled wishes, and God bless and keep the Stonewall generation!


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