Preview: Bitch at Joe’s Pub (TONIGHT!)

Bitch takes over her favorite venue with new music and old favorites

"I have some music so new I don’t have it under my fingers yet, but you’ll definitely get an idea of where I’m heading," Bitch says about her solo appearance tomorrow night at Joe’s Pub, which she calls her favorite New York venue. "There will be acoustic violin, electric violin, ukulele and kithara” and a drummer, she adds. “I’ve been writing some songs on my kithara and it’s really unique music." She’ll even perform material from her Bitch and Animal days.

Bitch is known for being unique in every way, from her not only in her music and performance to her fashion sense, politics and projects she chooses to undertake. She produced Canadian singer-songwriter Ferron’s last CD, Boulder, and after tonight’s performance will be heading to Michigan to continue work on a film, Thunder, about the women’s music pioneer and her inspiration.

Bitch reveals that Blasted, the CD she released last spring on her own label, Short Story Records, was from the gut in a different way than her previous work has been. Bitch’s songwriting is all from the heart—storytelling, really—but Blasted told her stories in a new, gut-wrenching way. "I always hope people find something in my music to take as their own," she says.

Bitch offers a hint of a new song called "Packaging": "packaging, you are the bane of me…" is all the lyrics she’ll reveal.

Bitch’s life story has been—and continues to be—a journey lived in public. And, while she seems more than a bit exhibitionistic in her performance, she’s really a shy Midwestern gal at her core; perhaps it’s why she’s bonded with Ferron–the harsh cold of the plains and the harsh reality of life for women, lesbians in particular, inspired their bond.

After touring the west coast in the spring, Bitch will head to Europe in May and then spend the summer gigging in and around Brooklyn, her home base.

Bitch at Joe’s Pub tonight (Thurs, Dec 2), 9:30pm. Joe’s Pub is located at 425 Lafayette St,, 212-967-7555, tickets are $15 and there is a two drink or $12 food minimum per person.

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