Precious Pussy Of The Month (and his magnificent mommy)

Meet Fern! (do you have a precious pet? E-mail photo and contact info to:

Name: Fern

Mommy: Abigail

Age: 9 months and expanding

Sex: He’s a boy cat

Ethnicity: Just a cat

Birthplace: Chesterfield, Mass.

Residence: Brooklyn

Occupation: Fearsome (freelance) pen chaser

Favorite Toys: Anything being used

Favorite Leisure Activity: No time for leisure between moving all the sponges, pawing at water, knocking all objects off all tables, lying on whatever you’re looking at and napping

Favorite Food: Umm, what are you eating?

Pet Peeve: Closed doors and closed windows

Least Favorite Phrase: Fern, get out of the fridge (garbage can, plant, sink.)

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