Pooches & Pussies of the Year

Ahh, lesbians and their pets… Each month, we present our pick for Precious Pet to make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside, and to make some magnificent mommies very proud. Time and time again, we hear that this column is one of our readers’ favorite parts of GO. Ladies, the pooches and pussies that make us go “Awww!”


AGE: 2


ETHNICITY: Mila: French Bulldog; Munchkin: T-Cup Long-haired Chihuahua

BIRTHPLACE: Both of them Brooklyn, NY

RESIDENCE: Bushwick, Brookyln, NY

OCCUPATION: Mila: Being our child; Munchkin: Being Mila’s little doggie. And biting her ears.

FAVORITE TOYS: Mila: Anything that moves and makes funny sounds. Munchkin: Mila is her favorite toy.

FAVORITE LEISURE ACTIVITY: Mila: Sun bathing and rolling in the mud; Munchkin: Annoying Mila.

FAVORITE FOOD: Mila: EVERYTHING; Munchkin: Fresh meats.

PET PEEVE: Mila: when Munchkin humps her; Munchkin: when Mila shoves her out of the bed.

LEAST FAVORITE PHRASE: “Mila, get off the bed.” “Munchkin: stop that.”

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