Pat Roberston Says Passing The Equality Act Will Destroy America


Televangelist Pat Robertson, who is famous for his soporific daily TV show “The 700 Club,” got even wilder than usual this week when he claimed that passage of the Equality Act would lead to people “perishing” and even nuclear attack. The Equality Act is a piece of proposed federal legislation that would extend our current civil rights protections in order to prohibit discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity.

On Tuesday, Robertson discussed the legislation during his daily show, saying that “women lusting for women, and men lusting for men like women.. and that’s what’s happening now,” and that such debauchery would inevitably lead to “the point will god will give us up” and allow us to be destroyed by nuclear and cyber attacks from Iran, North Korea, China, and Russia.

Robertson went on a wild rant during the episode, saying, “when you figure one percent max of the nation are lesbians and maybe two percent max are homosexuals, and now they’ve got this whole thing about gender transition, where little boys decide they want to be girls… They want men to go into women’s bathrooms and women’s locker rooms… the whole thing is chaotic.”

In reality, the Equality Act would expand the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and other civil rights laws to ensure that LGBTQ people could live free of employment and economic discrimination. According to the Human Rights Campaign, nearly two-thirds of  LGBTQ Americans report experiencing discrimination. The Equality Act could be one step in helping to remedy some of this rampant discrimination.

This, of course, is not the first time that Pat Robertson has gone after the queer community. Most recently, he came under fire for saying that queer people want to destroy society to protect gay sex. “The incredible thing about the homosexuals is they are willing to destroy lives and destroy the whole fabric of society so long as they and their weird way of doing sex is legitimized,” Robertson said on air in that instance.

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