Owning It (Part 2) 8 Red Hot Entrepreneurs 2007

These inventive spirits bootstrapped, crunched numbers and single-handedly redefined “the boss.” Here, they’ll tell you about finding personal success at the ends of their entrepreneurial rainbows.

Shine Houston
Founder, Pink and White Productions

Make no mistake about highly successful queer erotic filmmaker Shine Houston: it may look easy, but she, too, experienced a sharp learning curve in the art of making high-quality films of lesbian sexuality. “It hurt to watch some of the gay porns that were out there,” says the former Good Vibrations employee. After a surge of women-produced porn content petered off, Houston decided to put her five years of market research experience and film degree to good use.

Houston quit her job in 2005, cashed out her IRA, and sought out investors for what would become Pink and White Productions, her own independent film production company encompassing her full vision—a better portrayal of the queer community, representing all genders and body types, with higher production value, creating a new medium for expressing lesbian sexuality.

Pretty lofty goals; but Houston achieved them when, in 2006, her first full length film, The Crash Pad, won the First Annual Feminist Porn Awards’ Hottest Dyke Sex Scene. Houston’s follow-up Superfreak, a mischievous, girl party homage to Rick James, also garnered awards for its humorous yet hardcore edge. Maintaining authenticity, many of the couples in Pink and White’s films are real-life lovers.

Houston’s website, crashpadseries.com, offers fans regular webisodes to check out the “steamy world of butchies, bois, femmes, transfolk and more as you get a first hand look at what goes on behind the closed doors of notorious hot bed of queer sex…”

Next on the reel? Another full-length that the cinema auteur describes as “Raging Bull meets Girl Fight meets Snatch.” Look out! Homo porn just might get even better yet.

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