Out Artists on the Rise

What do a gender-bending opera diva, an innovative guitar virtuoso and a queer electro-rap group have in common? They’re all part of our profile of 16 unique out musicians on the brink of stardom

Candye Kane

Since her debut on the music scene 15 years ago, bisexual singer/songwriter Candye Kane has recorded seven CDs and racked up countless mileage on the touring circuit. Known as much for her bluesy, bellowing style as for her girth, Kane flaunts her stuff onstage in tight sequined gowns bedecked with feathers and rhinestones, revealing a bust begging to greet the audience.

Her admirers are an eclectic mix—queers, bikers, porn aficionados, women and men of all shapes and sizes—who appreciate her full figure, adventuresome lifestyle and musical acknowledgement of social deviance. Kane’s music is influenced by her hard-knock beginnings in East L.A. Although she had the ambition to write and perform music from early on in life, she lacked the resources to make her dreams reality. In order to elevate her status from single welfare mom to pop vocalist, Kane turned to the sex trade—and it paid off. “I didn’t feel exploited by the sex industry,” says a regret-free Kane. “I exploited it to get what I wanted.”

Kane is proud of her role as a sister to those shunned by society, and belts out her music accordingly. In her latest release, White Trash Girl, Kane sings joyously about living on the wrong side of the tracks. She now lives comfortably near the beach in San Diego with her two sons.

Visit her website, candyekane.com, for more info.
Gary Solomon

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