Online LGBT Television Channel To Debut This Fall In Romania

An online-only TV channel will launch on October 1st

An online-only television channel dedicated to the “life and problems of the gay community” is preparing to launch in Romania on October 1, as reported by Agence France-Presse.

The channel, Angelicuss TV, will be the first of its kind in the predominantly orthodox country. Created by the anti-discrimination group Be An Angel Romania, it intends to cover a wide range of LGBT topics including music, news, arts, entertainment and film on the new Web site,

Lucian Dunareanu, president of the organization, said about the new channel: “(It) will be a means of communication in the gay community as well as with the Romanian public as a whole.”

The channel will not show pornographic or indecent material. Technical equipment will be provided for free by a gay channel in Germany.

Romania repealed a law banning homosexuality in 2001, and joined the European Union in 2007, which required it to recognize same-sex couples registered in other member states. Sexual orientation is included in the country’s anti-discrimination legislation, and those who have undergone gender reassignment are allowed to change their identity legally.

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