November Horoscope’s For Queer Women: Recharge At Home

Sagittarius is election season. Go out and vote!

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Sagittarius is election season. Go out and vote! This year’s political atmosphere is especially charged because, this November, Jupiter (planet of ideology) goes home into its sign of rulership. While Jupiter in Scorpio was about mass empowerment of social ghosts (the marginalized), Jupiter in Sagittarius is about big, loose thinking.

Mars enters Pisces on November 16th, where it will tell new stories that increasingly become less comprehensible and more experiential. The political dialogue happening this month isn’t just a battle of wits—it’s a battle of images, of brands, of feelings, and of experiences. Mars in Pisces seeks to control what the point of the fight is.

Two days after Mars ingresses into Pisces, Mercury will begin to retrograde in early Sagittarius. Not only are we resurfacing our beliefs, shouting our slogans, and debating in real time, but we are also re-evaluating, re-analyzing, and rethinking all those opinions. There’s healthy doubt in store this month, as Mercury is ultimately a cynical sign. It wants us to simultaneously critique and stand for something.

The Full Moon in Gemini this year happens just a work week away from a conjunction of Mercury and Jupiter. Use this time to talk, talk, and talk some more. Speak your mind about something even if you feel that your opinion is unimportant or imperfect.

This is a month of changing our minds. It’s also a time of making up our minds. All this is happening at once.

Read for your rising sign! If you don’t know your rising sign, read your Sun and Moon 🙂


It’s time to go back to school, whether that’s literally focusing on your studies or picking up books on a subject that you’ve never given much though before. You’re curious this month and prone to getting into long debates.

Make sure that you’re doing something to expand your mind, not just reinstate the beliefs that you already have. That may mean going to another place. It could mean listening to those with different political views than yourself and seeing where they come from.

You have two options this month—to become more extreme in terms of the ideology you already hold or to become looser and understand what you don’t already know. There’s no wrong choice here. Pick whatever option feels best to you.


You’re exploring your own influence this month, as well as the influence others have on you. In what ways do thought ideologies captivate and entangle you? In what ways are politics a method of capture and control?

You’re so aware of what you share with others, because you’re aware of what you hold on your own. It’s in your bones to be self sufficient.

This month, do something big for another person. Be generous and see where that leads you. Give something big away, just because you feel like it. Let emotion separate you from what you hold on so desperately to so that you see what you love in a loved one’s hands.


Get outside of your own gaze. Look at yourself from the point of view of someone else. Find people who you normally don’t run into and spend some time with them for a change. Make new friends and resurrect old friendships.

This is a social month for you and it can be a dramatic one. Your relationships will challenge your way of thinking. It will challenge the you that you present to the world and ask that you investigate the contours of who you can be.

Don’t be shy this month. 99% of anything is just showing up. Show up, hold space, and risk your presence for yourself by going to other people’s doors just as you are. Hide nothing and hold nothing back.


You’re in for some adventures at work. There’s new challenges coming your way– you might have an argument with a coworker. The disagreements were there all along—this is just the month you’ll have to learn to deal with them.

Figure out how you want to spend your time wisely. A good way of doing this is to find something that you care about and devote all your time in service of this idea.

This month, you’re butting heads with late stage capitalism and it’s okay to feel a little (or a lot) disenchanted. Whatever the case, make sure you speak your mind.


Any personal projects come to the forefront of your life this month. You’re more invested in your side business, in your drawings, in your late night writing, in the music you make, than anything else. These creative processes hold a lot in store, namely they tell you what you want out of life and how you want it.

You have to prioritize time for being creative this month. There’s things that might not go smoothly in your creative practice. You might have a block or a frenzy about some things. You might overthink where you normally don’t. That’s because you’re at a transition point in your making process, one that you need to work through.

Don’t forget that blocks are conquered when you find new ways of having fun. Always make sure that making is a fun process for yourself. If you feel that you cannot create in the same way as before, them it means that you need to find new ways of playing.


Changes are happening in your home. You might find yourself in a new and exciting role, you might be moving, or you might feel the need to redecorate your room. The home in where you feel free to express your opinions most loudly.

Speak your mind in your family during Thanksgiving. You’ll run into generational and cultural divides that make it challenging for you to get understood. However, these are the exact kinds of divides that should motivate you to reinvestigate your ways of thinking.

Let someone in your family change your mind about something. If your political ideas are made only by your peer group, then it’s time to let family make you rethink some things. Pay attention especially to family members from a different culture than the one you normally inhabit. Let yourself be wrong.


It’s time to work on your communication. If you’re feeling ignored, ask yourself whether there’s anything you need to do to put yourself where you can be understood. This might mean that you need to spiritually release something, like an assumption or dogma that has been holding you back.

Give yourself a listening ear. Really listen to people around you so that you understand why you can sometimes generate such confusion. Open yourself to feedback and you will receive it.

Be generous with your own words. Let yourself speak your mind about something, even if no one else in the room agrees with you. Hold the unpopular opinion for once. Let yourself be a mediator and facilitator of the great number of conversations happening around you by holding fast to your own truth.


Start taking your money making process seriously. Money isn’t just incidental, or an enemy. It’s how you give value to the things you care about in a social way. If you can solve the problem of how to make money, then you can be happy no matter how little you make.

Raise your rate. No matter if you charge $15, or $100, or $500 an hour, raise it. You have to at some point just to keep up with the cost of inflation.

Start finding ways to pay yourself for the things that you love to do. Think about how you’d teach a course on how to make money and teach that course to yourself. Tally up all your resources and get serious about using them in the most productive way that you possibly can.


Happy birthday, Sag! It’s your yearly solar return and reminder of what makes you the most you. It’s the holidays and, depending on the climate, maybe even first snowfall. This is the time of gift giving, generosity, and goodwill. It’s your time of the year.

Remind people of who you are. Remind people that your perspective not only exists but is full of magic.

You’re too good to be oppressed the way you are and have been. We all are. You, being a Sag, have it in you to lift yourself up spiritually. Do this for yourself and other people and you’ll see the spiritual grow into a tangible system of wealth and health.


I think you’re forgetting something, Capricorn. You’re so focused on deadlines, on work, and how what you do or don’t achieve that you’re forgetting the reason why you do anything that you do. And that reason can be a very silly or borderline delusional one. That’s the magic of being a Capricorn.

Work on what you believe this month. Find your faith again. When you don’t have faith, you don’t have hope and whatever you are able to manifest becomes meaningless.

You’re searching for your inner purpose and you can only find these things accidentally. So, leave more room in your schedule for accidents. Leave gaps and holes of time where you don’t know what you’re doing. Give yourself the permission of amateurism.


A lot of your political alliances have been made through the internet rather than face to face interaction. This is because the internet is the perfect Aquarian medium for sitting anonymously and watching huge data streams of humanity try to make up their minds. The problem is, you haven’t observed enough.

Go to websites that you normally don’t frequent to get a change of mind. Look at conspiracy theorists of the far right, of the extreme left, of people who just exist in their condition and believe something about the world. You will be able to understand the economic reasons behind all this activity, making your understanding of the world a powerful one.


Think of the career that you want to create as an overall experience. Pick something crazy and unrealistic as a goal so that you’re not invested in the return, but in the process. Choose to become a clown, or a magician, or a prophet than decide how you want to create that role in the world. Don’t choose anything that has a tangible career trajectory because it will lead to spiritual defeat.

Work your “unreasonables” into your present career. If you’re already on the way to becoming a doctor, then you better make sure that you simultaneously become a witch. If you’re an academic, maybe consider your career through the lens of a court jester as well.

Ultimately, just make light and fun of this daunting thing called career as destiny. Make it a point to become someone so ridiculous that the only case you can make for it is all the brilliance you’re able to learn from the world by just being you.

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