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“I’ve always been a performative Miss Piggy-type person on the outside, with a need to scream my experiences of what I perceive to be injustices towards women’s rights, [and] oppressive injustices towards marginalized groups,” says Nicky Click. “I have been given an opportunity as a privileged white person and have tried to use that as a platform to talk about greater issues around women’s rights and oppression and racism…the crazy shit that goes on which seems to never be spoken about!” A one-femme band based in New Hampshire and specializing in electro-pop performance house music, Click addresses the tough stuff: not only widespread injustice but also survivorship, physical and mental challenges, and coming of age. “The platform of performance art happens to be a perfect way for me to channel all my anger I saw and felt,” they admit. “I’ve been given an opportunity to discuss these things on that platform.” Click has released videos on MTV, toured internationally, and released six albums, including her most recent, Reductive Nostalgia, composed during the quarantine. Click takes their work seriously, but doesn’t skimp on joy and is open about their own struggles. “I have had the opportunity to serve the LGBTQ+ community and open discussions about mental health and disability justice through dance music,” Click says. “I put myself out there in hopes that people can heal while dancing and sharing.”

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